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Principal / Teacher, Grades 6-8





Toni Neri
Grades K-2

Toni Neri graduated from Andrews University with a BS in Elementary Education. She has taught lower elementary multigrade classrooms in Colorado Springs, CO, and now in South Bend. She loves teaching the primary grades because she gets to play a role in students' experiences.  “I get to help my students write their first sentences or read their first book. I get to show them how to count money or tell time. Maybe it’s learning how to jump rope or play kickball that is the new experience for the day. I will never get tired of seeing the pride and confidence that the kids display when they learn a new skill.”

But the best part for Mrs. Neri is being able to share her love for Jesus with her students. She believes that He is the Master Teacher, and Toni strives to make her classroom a place where her students can experience His love every day.
When she is not teaching, Mrs. Neri loves to run and spend time with her husband, Sam.



Kendra FitzGerald
Grades 3-5


Kendra FitzGerald graduated from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2016. Immediately following she went to work at Indianapolis Junior Academy teaching Pre-K-first grade. It was exciting to see things click for the littlest and watch them as they went through life experiencing things for the first time. She also taught music during school and started an advanced handbell choir that would meet after school. It was always fun to see where the group started and how much progress they made throughout the year.

Mrs. FitzGerald got married this summer and moved to Berrien Springs, MI and has started teaching 4th and 5th grade at South Bend Junior Academy. She is excited for the new experience of teaching older students and working with a new staff. She is also excited to share the love of Jesus with those around her and create an inviting and positive atmosphere in her classroom. When Mrs. FitzGerald is not in the classroom she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, hiking, and reading.



Rita Snively
Art & Music

Mrs. Snively enjoys seeing the progress that each student makes as they learn the skills necessary to unleash their inner artist.


An Honors graduate of Andrews University, she taught at Andrews before moving to the Chicago area where she taught Music and Art in a K-8 multi-grade school. In addition to teaching Art and Music, Mrs. Snively’s experience spans over 20 years and includes substitute teaching, tutoring, and serving as an instructional aide, all in both single and multi-grade classrooms in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. Several of her students in Illinois and Michigan have won local and regional awards for their artwork and, most recently, students at SBJA have been added to the list of award recipients.


Mrs. Snively and her family moved to Indiana in 2003. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting museums and botanic gardens in neighboring states with family and friends as well as driving up the Michigan coast to enjoy the peacefulness of the lake.

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